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A video of me in the wild

(& reasonable conclusions one may draw from watching):

Cheese only on pizza. This is the closest she'll ever be to a minimalist. 

No finger unlicked! This girl sees things through. 

Utter disregard

for the camera.

She's clearly used to it...

thinks her boring a$$ life is a movie

Cleans up after herself.

She's no pig! 

Wearing white while eating pizza? This girl isn't afraid to take RISKS. 

Tight grasp on the pizza. She holds tightly to what's important.

Laser focus, never to be confused with an RBF.

Fun enough to have friends, focused enough to not let them distract from  the task at hand. 

Side profile is not her best. She likes to think she looks better straight on. 


A calculator watch is her lone accessory. Practical. 



 2022 Young Ones Portfolio Winner,   2022 Young Ones ADC Gold Cube Winner,   2022 Student ANDY Gold (3),

2022 Young Ones ACD Silver Winner (3),   2023 College Television Awards Emmy Nominee,  2022 Utah Addy's Silver for Copywriting

Grand Prix 2021 International La Pieza Winner  (did I mention que hablo Español?), Oh, and most hated woman on Tiktok

 Currently partying at TBWA\ Media Arts Lab 

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