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Boys shouldn’t be allowed to kiss your cheek unless they mean it. 
If they try, an alarm should sound… the loud kind activated during a fire drill… the kind that triggers an emergency sprinkler system. That’s what should go off when disingenuous lips brush your cheek. 
Sure, the sprinklers may intensify the romance, like a scene from “The Notebook” but at least the alarm would de-escalate the situation. Your hands would be forced to move out from under his shirt to cover your ears. Yes, I realize things were just getting good; and although I’m sorry about that. It’s for the best. 
Let the boys who don’t take you seriously kiss your lips if you want. Let them whisper in your ear. And DEFINITELY let them scratch your back, but DO NOT under any circumstances let them kiss your cheek. 
Lie-whispering lips do not belong on your cheeks. 
 I know your mouth can handle such lips. It’s passionate, suggestive, and strong. It swears and it glares, and it eats spicy foods, and it shouts during fights with your mom. 
It can take a kiss that means nothing. 
Your cheeks are different. They’re soft and sensitive. They blush bright red when you’re embarrassed, and are freckled when the sun beats hard. They hurt from too much smiling, and they let your dimples break through. They’re pinched by grandma. 
Let them be kissed by someone who means it. By someone who doesn’t demand anything in return. 
After all, a lip kiss only wants one thing (and it’s disgusting). It wants to be kissed back. 
A cheek kiss isn’t like that. It’s not selfish. It’s delicate and asks for nothing in return; it’s simply given. 
A kiss on the lips says, “I want you” 
A kiss on the cheek says, “I want you to smile” 
A kiss on the lips says, “enough talking.” 
A kiss on the cheek says, “Pardon the interruption. Keep talking. I’m interested in what you’re saying, it's just that you looked cute while saying it.”
Lips are bit... aggressively, passionately, lustfully. 
Checks are held… gently, by someone who wants to look you directly in the eyes. 
When he kisses you on the cheek there’s tenderness. You feel your defenses drop as the color in your face spreads. You wonder, “is this thing between us a real thing? Could he want to be mine?” because a kiss on the cheek makes it feel like it could be. 

So let him kiss you on the lips anytime if he thinks you're cute or mildly interesting.
But don’t let him near your cheeks unless he knows you’re more than that, everytime
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